• Dec18

    The Greatest Show In Heaven

    From out of the holiday bedlam a self-promoting world throws its annual tantrum toward those vocal heralds known as evangelists: “The audacity of those proselytizers always talking about God and Jesus and salvation. They need to keep it to themselves!” To some minds, apparently, the mere mention of “Jesus loves you” conjures images of pushy street vendors banging pots and pans to sell their wares. 

  • Nov24

    Who Me?

    Many moons ago, my son was ten and his soccer coach announced he would not be returning to coach the team the next season. As the other parents stood shoulder to shoulder listening to the coach’s words, apparently I was doing the standing part, but not the listening part, and so missed the most essential portion of his address: “Which one of you is willing to step up and coach this team next fall?” It seems that while I watched distant cloud formations, the more attentive parents (everyone else) responded to the coach’s query by taking one understated, albeit important, step backwards. Unwittingly, I had just volunteered.

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