• Apr16

    When God Speaks, His Children Listen

    When we say God speaks to us through a particular song, movie, or painting, we don’t mean to infer He is the one actually creating the music, acting the role, or generating the image. We recognize these are the works of poets, performers, and artists, who may or may not be inspired by God as they work. What we do mean is, at these moments, we are experiencing the beautiful voice of our Lord calling specifically to us in ways that reverberate deep within our souls. 


  • Apr10

    A Farmer's Tale

    Once upon a time, there was a farmer who loved God. He was satisfied to have a small plot of land, some chickens scurrying about, a milk cow in the barn, and warmth in his home, wherein resided his loving family. The farmer spent his days with his hands in the dirt. He loved farming and he was good at it. Not everything in his life was a bed of roses: money was often in short supply, and there were many challenges. There always are. But still, he was content in every way. 

Kevin Murray

After 28 years in the fast-paced world of commercial real estate, Kevin branched out...

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