• Aug12

    The Waterfall Smooths the Stone

    Old habits are hard to break, nigh impossible. Please dear God, I can’t make it. Take this from me. I am weak! For those of us tired of fighting and losing, these are the desperate cries from out of the depths of our souls. Over time we learn that we are called to these deep broken places by God Himself--a loving Father who understands and who waits for us to concede we are powerless, already defeated, and utterly incapable of doing anything about it. 

  • Jul22

    Are We Not Men?

    All men, duty-bound, onward must wend--even if trepidatiously. Momentarily, you will see why.


    In most marriages there are times when frustrations build and quarrels are sparked. In the heat of such moments considerable energy is expended affixing blame; he said-she said, woulda-coulda-shoulda, and all the rest of that petty fuss. Petty, I say, for who did or didn’t do something ultimately misses the point. For there is more to this play than two actors (husband and wife) upon a stage.

Kevin Murray

After 28 years in the fast-paced world of commercial real estate, Kevin branched out...

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